Gergedan Müzik

Sex and the single Rabbit, Vol. 2 by Various Artists
Crammed Discs
Release date: 
15 June 2011

The best of Crammed's electronic releases, 1990-2001 (part 2)

During the '90s, Crammed released over 60 albums of cutting-edge electronic music on its SSR sub-label (and sister sub-labels Language and Selector). This 2-album compilation presents some of the best tracks from that profilic period, by artists such as 4hero, Snooze (the don of cinematic downtempo), Tek 9 (aka 4hero's Dego), Juryman/Ian Simmonds, Austrian disco punk forerunner Auto Repeat, cyber-funkologist Buckfunk 3000, Detroit's own Eddie Fowlkes/Niko Marks and the mysterious Q-Moog, sonic terrorist Meira Asher, London jazz/dope beats heads Elixir, Japan's Tao, Phosphorus and their dreamy, soundtrack-like trip-pop, Finland's minimal/glitch pioneer Aural Expansion, and Circadian Rhythms (a project centered around This Heat's Charles Bullen) and many more.

Volume 2 comprises 16 tracks, and features rarities such Phume's "We R Walkin", the original version of YBU's cult hit "Soul Magic", rare cuts by The Moody Boyz, 4hero and more.


  1. Tek 9 feat. Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul -Sweet Dreams & Goodnight
  2. Juryman - The Ghost Hunter
  3. Phume - We R Walkin'
  4. Snooze - Snooze For Beginners
  5. Endemic Void - Turn Da Tide
  6. The Gruesome Twosome - I Don't Care
  7. The Moody Boyz - Shango (Pray To The Thunder God)
  8. Cibelle - Alcool
  9. 4hero - Parallel Universe
  10. Eddie Fowlkes & Niko Marks - The Love Song
  11. Bio Muse - Sine God
  12. Buckfunk 3000 - I Can't Stop
  13. Elixir - March Of Osiris
  14. Subject 13 - Dinner Time Jazz
  15. Solar Quest - The Belle Of Atlantis
  16. YBU feat. Jonell - Soul Magic