Gergedan Müzik

Made To Measure Vol.1 by Various Artists
Crammed Discs
Release date: 
15 June 2011

The inaugural release of the Made To Measure series includes pieces by four artists:

Aksak Maboul's "Un Chien mérite une mort de chien" is clearly inspired by the subject matter of the play it was written for (Vladimir Mayakovsky and the Russian Futurists), while their strangely melodic minimal turntablist piece "Scratch Holiday" (entirely generated with a turntable, a vinyl 7" single from the '60s and some orange marmalade) is allegedly the soundtrack of a Honeymoon Killers holiday movie;

Tuxedomoon's obsessive "Verdun" comes from the soundtrack of a Dutch movie about the famous WW1 battlefield;

Minimal Compact's elegant "Pieces For Nothing" were created for a dance performance by choreographer Pierre Droulers;

Benjamin Lew's piece ("A la Recherche de B.") was the soundtrack for a fashion exhibition.


Bat-Yam - Minimal Compact
Too Many Of Them - Minimal Compact
Immer Vorbei - Minimal Compact
Animal Killers - Minimal Compact
A La Recherche de B. - Benjamin Lew
Scratch Holiday - Aksak Maboul
Odessa - Aksak Maboul
Chez Les Futuristes Russes - Aksak Maboul
Ossip & Lili - Aksak Maboul
Lili Danse - Aksak Maboul
Retour Chez Les Futuristes - Aksak Maboul
Mort De Velimir - Aksak Maboul
Fanfare - Tuxedomoon
No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition - Tuxedomoon
Driving To Verdun - Tuxedomoon