Gergedan Müzik


One of the undisputed forerunners one of the vibrant French downtempo scene in the late '90's, Snooze was formerly known for his adventurous pop productions under his Dominique Dalcan moniker.

"The Man In The Shadow", his debut Snooze album, was a milestone, a groovy, electronic aural film noir which came out in 1997. The press enthused:

“Snooze’s debut album oozes cinematic widescreen appeal, meshing lazy breakbeats with laconic melodies and nostalgic 70mm charm. Dreamy.” (Muzik, UK)

“Just what the bloody hell is going on in Paris ?... After Dimitri, Motor Bass and Daft Punk, Snooze is yet another phunky-phrench-phreak... Stoned perfection. 9/10.” (DJ)

After taking some time off to record his 3rd Dalcan album, Snooze returned in 2001 with the sumptuous "Goingmobile" album.

The 3rd Snooze album, "Americana", was released on Dominique's own label Ostinato in 2005.