Gergedan Müzik

Ramuntcho Matta

The eclectic and ever-curious Ramuntcho has played & produced with/for Don Cherry, poet Brion Gysin, French-Urugayan icon Elli Medeiros & more.

He has released three albums on Crammed: 

"Domino One", a collection of atmospheric Latin jazz soundtracks created for a ballet by French choreographer Régine Chopinot  and for a magnificent video-opera  by Ramuntcho’s father,  illustrious Chilean  painter Roberto Matta.

"Self-Portrait Jumping", and album with and around American poet Brion Gysin (the inventor of the “cut-up” method which was popularized by his close friend William 

"2 l'Amour", an absolutely charming, laidback & inventive album of French pop, which was definitely ahead of its time. 

Born in a very artistially oriented family, Ramuntcho started to get involved from  a very tender age in a wide variety of musical projects:


studied the guitar and the piano, Argentinian Tango, classical composition and Indian vocal techniques.

was deeply influenced by his encounters with  John Cage and Laurie Anderson in New York in the early 80s.

performed with various Central- & South-American musicians.

co-wrote & produced two extremely successful albums by Elli Medeiros (featuring  top 10 singles  “Toi Toi mon Toit” and “Bailar Calypso”), and toured  with Elli Medeiros in Europe, Japan & North America.

produced & co-wrote  Don Cherry’s song album “Home Boy”  in 1985.

has recently  been concentrating on limited-edition art releases and on musical/visual arts exhibitions in museums and gelleries