Gergedan Müzik

Nova Materia

Powerful, original and hypnotic French/Chilean band Nova Materia are currently recording their debut album. It will be released internationally in September 2018. 

Nova Materia is a duet consisting of Caroline Chaspoul from France and Eduardo Henriquez from Chile. On the border between rock and electronica, their music incorporates eerie sounds generated by raw and mineral materials (metal, rocks etc) to create tracks that are in turn hyper-rhythmic and dreamy. The band’s sound is already making headway in festivals & clubs as well as in the visual arts & performance communities. 

Nova Materia was born three years ago from the ashes of Pánico, the Chilean postpunk group with which Caroline and Eduardo toured around the globe and released several albums. After two EPs produced a.o. in collaboration with French producer Chloé and her Kill The DJ label, Nova Materia now joins the Crammed Discs roster. 

A first single and music video entitled NOV POWER is out in May 2018, and the band will be doing select festival performances in the summer, prior to the album’s release in September.

Welcome to Nova Materia. A moniker worn as a warning this music will take you some place unknown. (Republic of Music, UK). 

 They repurpose minerals and metals – elements often tied to experimental genres – to create textures that redefine the vocabulary of pop music. Futuristic and primal (Remezcla, USA)