Gergedan Müzik

Minimal Compact

Fronted by vocalist Samy Birnbach (aka DJ Morpheus, freestyle DJ extraordinaire and compiler of the Freezone series), Minimal Compact were one of the most inspirational bands of the '80s. They blended funky rock rhythms and incisive guitars with flavours from their native Middle East. The band were active from 1981 to 1988, and released 6 studio albums and a live album. They had a large and fanatic following all across Europe and the USA, where some of their tracks became underground club favourites.

The band's line-up consisted of Samy Birnbach (vocals), Rami Fortis (vocals, guitar), Max Franken (drums), Berry Sakharof (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Malka Spigel (bass, vocals).

 The first-ever compilation of their work (6 studio albums and 1 live album, all originally released between 1981 and 1988) has come out in 2003 as a boxed set ("Returning Wheel") also containing a collection of brand-new remixes by top electronic music producers, selected -naturally- by DJ Morpheus.