Gergedan Müzik

Lonely Drifter Karen

2012 sees the release of Poles, the sensational, 3rd album by Lonely Drifter Karen, which shatters many preconceived notions of their music. The colours have morphed: analog electronics, sinuous guitars and energetic grooves abound, and Tanja's voice is wilder and more vibrant than it ever was. With these new shades and brushes, the band have painted an alternate version of their own, unmistakable world: dreamy, poetic, and slightly surreal, overflowing with those lush arrangements and irresistible melodies which have become the band's trademark.  

  To listen to 3 tracks from Poles, follow the link below (under "Latest News").  

Lonely Drifter Karen was born from the union of three people with very different geographical and musical backgrounds (from folk and rock to cabaret, experimental, classical, indie pop & more). Started as a solo project by Viennese-born Tanja Frinta while she was living in Sweden, LDK became a band when Tanja moved to Barcelona and met Italian drummer Giorgio Menossi and Mallorcan keyboard player and arranger Marc Meliá Sobrevias. 

Their sparkling debut album Grass Is Singing was released in 2008 to wide acclaim, and drove Lonely Drifter Karen to perform all around Europe. True to their drifter spirit, Tanja and Marc relocated to Brussels shortly after recording Fall Of Spring, their second album, which was released in the spring of 2010.  

Aside from the writing & recording of the new album Poles, 2011 also saw LDK's first foray into China, and the use of their music in a growing number of films and commercials.